//3 Steps To Choose Your First E-Cigarette

3 Steps To Choose Your First E-Cigarette

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With so many different types of e-cigarettes out there, it can be a hard choice for beginners who’ve never done this before. There are benefits and drawbacks to different variations, so where do you start?

The choice ultimately depends on your lifestyle and preferences because what works for one person may not work for the other. According to E-cigarette Club getting the right e-cigarette will give you a pleasant experience so you want to make sure you make the right choice. These steps will help you choose your first e-cigarette.

Choose Your E-Cigarette Preferred Style

There are a few different options when it comes to choosing e-cigarettes so you will want to get acquainted with each of them before making your final decision. Here are some styles to help you get started:

  • Traditional Cigarette-Like E-Cigarettes – These are popular with beginners because they look like traditional cigarettes and are extremely cost-effective in comparison to other styles. They are small and non-refillable and will need to be disposed of once used. However, newer varieties offer e-liquid cartridges that can be reused to a battery base.
  • Pen-Style E-Cigarettes –These offer more e-liquid options than the traditional e-cigarette versions and have a better battery shelf life without being too complex to operate. Pen style e-cigs come with tanks that can be re-filled with different types of e-liquid options allowing you to choose from different flavors and nicotine concentrations on the market.
  • Box Mod E-Cigarettes –Box mod e-cigarettes may require a little bit of vaping experience and are a step up from the pen-style version. They tend to be more heavy duty and powerful in comparison to other e-cigarette styles, which may take some getting used to. Rich in features, this style offers you options like temperature and voltage control. You will need to look for something with more safety features to prevent any dangerous accidents with these types as a beginner.

The style of e-cigarette you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and comfort. You may want to test how each feels before you commit to purchasing a particular style.

Establish Your Nicotine Content Requirements

If you are a smoker currently or previously, then you’ll want to choose something that can produce the right amount of nicotine for you. This is entirely dependent on your choice. Consider the following:

  • What level will help you satisfy your nicotine cravings?
  • Are you looking to reduce your nicotine intake over time? In this instance, you may want to choose an e-cigarette style that allows you to increase or decrease nicotine concentration through adjustable controls
  • How heavy a smoker are you? This will help you determine the nicotine strength you need.

If you don’t know how much nicotine you desire, you may want to start with a lower concentration and scale up if necessary.

Consider How The E-Cigarette Feels

You need to find an e-cigarette that you feel more comfortable using when placed in your hands. For this, you may want it to have certain features that are important to you. Consider the following:

  • How does the e-cigarette feel on your throat? Do you want something that gives you the same feeling that you get from smoking regular cigarettes or are you looking for something different?
  • Do you want something that is easy to use and feels comfortable? Some people want to pick up the easiest option they can find.
  • Do you want to be able to choose different flavor options to give you a different feel every time you vape? The right flavor may make the experience more pleasant. Many first timers prefer tobacco flavors to begin with for a smooth transition.
  • Are you looking for a robust e-cigarette that gives you control over heat or are you looking for larger tanks?
  • How much customization do you want in terms of e-liquid flavors and controls?

You need to consider what kind of feel you want from the e-cigarette before you make your choice.

Choosing your first e-cigarette certainly isn’t easy especially when you don’t fully understand the technology yet. But don’t let this stop you from trying out the different varieties out there before settling down on something you feel most comfortable with.


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