//Choosing a Quality Bud Grinder

Choosing a Quality Bud Grinder

If you’ve been shopping at a dispensary or pipe shop for accessories, you might have run across what’s called a grinder. These are a sort of mortar and pestle for marijuana all built into the same device. They have some very good qualities to them and are definitely worth investing in if you’re using medicinal marijuana.

The Concept

Separating bud material from stems and seeds is called cleaning weed. The grinder not only makes this much easier, but it also allows you to stretch out your weed for longer.

The marijuana is usually placed into the top chamber of the grinder, which will have metal teeth and a bottom permeated by large holes. The top is crushed down on top of the bud and rotated back and forth to grind the bud down. Don’t worry about separating stems and seeds when you’re doing this.

Those materials will be ground down, as well, allowing you to cut your bud with some material that contains cannabinoids but that also allows you to fluff out your bud so that it lasts longer. High-grade bud has very few seeds and stems to worry about.

As you grind the weed down, the resulting finely-ground marijuana will drop through the holes into the bottom. There are two types of grinders: ones that have a single chamber to collect the ground weed and those that have three chambers. The latter type is a bit more complex.

The three-chamber grinders collect what is oftentimes called keef or kif on the bottommost platform, below the screen. To access this, you simply unscrew the bottom chamber. This material is usually very potent, consisting mostly of crystalized cannabinoids that are ground off of the buds during the grinding process. Once you have enough of it, you can sprinkle it on the top of a bud for some extra kick.

Choosing a Grinder

There are many different designs available for grinders. There is some similarity between marijuana smokers and coffee drinkers in how they address grinding.

Some smokers grind up all their weed as soon as they get it, just for the sake of convenience. If you want to go this route, get a large grinder. It makes it more convenient to deal with larger quantities of bud.

If you want to grind immediately before you smoke, get a smaller grinder. This way, it’s easier to measure out your quantity and to make sure you’re not smoking up all your weed too quickly.

Good marijuana is actually quite a bit more enjoyable when it’s properly ground. It burns more evenly, you don’t have to worry about stray seeds or stems and, in some cases, it might actually last longer, since it’s not alternating between flaring up and burring too quickly and smoldering at too cool a temperature to give good smoke.

Try out some different grinders. They’re cheap, easy to use and they may make it possible for you to make your marijuana last quite a bit longer than it would if you were hand cleaning.

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