//DaVinci Vaporizer Review

DaVinci Vaporizer Review

DaVinci Vaporizer Review

For those of you who need to keep your vaping on the down-low, the DaVinci may be your next favorite piece of art. This vaporizer looks and feels more like a communication device from the nineties than a top-notch machine designed to vaporize your favorite solids and liquids. Here is the low-down on this stealthy option.


If price is your biggest concern, the DaVinci vaporizer might not be the best choice for you. With the DaVinci vaporizer, you pay a lot to get a lot. Most retailers, including the DaVinci website, offer this particular model of vaporizer for around $200.


The DaVinci has a lot to offer to those willing to shell out the extra cash for it. This vaporizer is known in the vaping world for its ability to vaporize not only dried herbs but essential oils, as well. This opens a new and very wide door to vaping fans that have been limited to dried herbs in the past. Unlike many other vaporizers on the market, the DaVinci also comes in a few different colors: black, gray, and green.


If you plan to take the DaVinci with you without putting it on display, it’s also small enough to fit in most bags and even some pockets. The average person can hold the DaVinci in one hand without it feeling awkward or overly large.


One of the main draws of the DaVinci vaporizer is that it is designed with you in mind. The DaVinci looks more like a walkie-talkie than a vaporizer, which means you no one around you will know what it is unless you decide to light up. This gives you an extra layer of privacy that other vaporizers can’t.


In terms of power, the DaVinci isn’t lacking. This small machine can heat your favorite materials anywhere between 100 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If you prefer Celsius, that’s anywhere between 37 and 221 degrees. You can change the device’s settings to show your preferred unit of measurement. On average, it takes about a minute and a half to heat your desired substance.

The DaVinci vaporizer makes use of three rechargeable lithium ion batteries not unlike the ones in your typical cell phone. A full charge can give you about an hour and forty minutes of battery life. Always remember to charge your device before the batteries are completely depleted, as this will only serve to shorten their lives.


If you want your vaporizer to go, you probably want to be able to clean it on the go, too. The makers of the DaVinci vaporizer had this in mind when they were designing the machine. This vape has a cleaning tool conveniently tucked away inside of it (assuming you haven’t lost or misplaced it). If you are using your DaVinci to vaporize dried herbs, this tool can be used at the end of each session to brush out the old, used herbs. If you are using your DaVinci to vaporize essential oils, you will want to take the time to thoroughly clean it using other materials.

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