The Easy Vape Vaporizer is pretty much what your average marijuana smoker thinks of when they look to buy a vaporizer. Commonly constructed from a variety of finished and unfinished wood, these box type vaporizers were not only inexpensive to make (resulting in lower prices and more production) they are relatively simple and efficient.

The manufacturer has perfected the classic box style vaporizer with the Easy Vape. The fit and finish on the Easy Vape really blows its competition out of the water. All of the surfaces are completely smooth an painted with a nice silver finish. The sleek round knob on the front adjusts the internal ceramic core temperature which is then promptly displayed on a small red LCD screen right above it.

EASY VAPE DIGITAL REVIEWI want to take a moment to really emphasize how much nicer it is to have an actual temperature displayed on a box vaporizer, many friends of mine have purchased inferior units from head shops or ebay only to have constant trouble with finding that perfect temperature eventually resulting to frustration and eventually total abandonment of the vaporizer.

Using the vaporizer was really a breeze, as always you want to make sure your cannabis or alternative herb is finely ground as this is very important to the vaporizing process. I have found the best success with my single chamber spacecase grinder but multiple level grinders will work, sometimes I will just run the herb through the top stage twice because it really does effect efficiency. The glass whipped bowl is easy to access and allows for nice and even dispersion of the cannabis across the metal screen. The glass and ceramic heating core glows red while the unit is on and looks rather cool.

Easy Vape Vaporizer Includes

  •  Whip/Wand Assembly
  •  1 Glass Wand
  •  1 2.5’ Tube
  •  1 Extendable Mouthpiece
  •  1 Glass Mouthpiece
  •  1 Easy Vape Instruction Manual
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