//Firefly 2+: Is it really that good?

Firefly 2+: Is it really that good?

Firefly 2+: Is it really that good?

Vaping has always been an industry that relied heavily on technology. Fortunately, the folks behind Firefly, manufacturers of the original Firefly and the Firefly 2 are former Apple employees. Being involved in the mobile phone industry gave them the edge in the vaporizer manufacturing business. Having launched a new device, Firefly dropped the bomb on the portable vaporizer industry by launching the second iteration of the Firefly 2 – the Firefly 2+. But, being backed by folks that had their fair share in such a lucrative industry enough to place their products in such a lofty position? Will it be enough to say that the Firefly 2+ is really that good?

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to buy and invest on the Firefly 2+. We’re here to see if the Firefly 2+ deserves all the hype it gets.

Design and build quality

Firefly 2 PlusThe Firefly 2+ keeps the Firefly vibe going. It looks the same as its predecessors except for some minor cosmetic changes like the new Firefly branding and the new skin options. Under the hood, the Firefly 2+ rocks some solid components, each help contribute to delivering the optimum herb and wax vaping experience.

To the hands, the Firefly 2+ gives off a decent weight. It feels durable to hold but at the same time comfortable to use and carry. Inside, the majority of the parts are made from high-quality glass pieces like a borosilicate glass bowl and an all-glass vapor path. An advanced circuitry processes and calibrates temperature profiles and the two-part unit is held together by a strong and reliable magnet. Having to remove and replace the magnetic lid gave off a surprisingly satisfying feel. The Firefly 2+ battery is a 770mAh 5Wh Lithium-Ion battery that’s both rechargeable and removable. All these are housed and protected in a magnesium alloy chassis.

Overall, the Firefly 2+ design and build quality is what you’d expect from a company like Firefly. They use high-grade components in manufacturing and even higher-quality technology in designing their devices. It could be true that the quality of their devices is due to the experience these former Apple employees have, but we still think that the previous iterations of the Firefly devices showed them what they should improve upon in both aspects of design and engineering. This makes an interesting view and perspective which makes us excited for future Firefly devices past the Firefly 2+ model.

Heating and technology

The Firefly 2+ uses a dynamic convection heating system to ensure you always get the best heat level for your materials. Firefly’s dynamic convection heating technology works by increasing the temperature level of the heating element as you draw. After setting your select temperature profile, the Firefly 2+ slowly heats up the materials instead of having to hastily heat up the materials inside the chamber. It gradually increases the temperature level instead of just blasting your herbs or waxes with a surge of hot air. This progressive approach to heating your materials not only saves you from combustion but also opens up a wide spectrum of effects allowing you to enjoy and experience all your wax concentrates and botanical plant matter has to offer. This advanced heating system coupled by the inert borosilicate glass bowl not only creates the perfect heating environment for your herbs and waxes but also faithfully preserves the flavor notes and the unique aroma native to your materials.

This emphasizes the newest and the most crucial technology the Firefly 2+ has to offer. An improved airflow to about 33% more giving you unrestricted airflow and a smoother and a more comfortable draw. The improved airflow and the dynamic heating technology make for an efficient means of consuming herbs and concentrates, your herbs and only heated and vaporized when you inhale which means no vapor is ever lost, all the vapors the Firefly 2+ yields go straight into your system.

Using the principle that inhalation is the fastest means on administrating the active ingredients found on your materials, the Firefly 2+ was designed to minimize and prevent vapor wastage. Because drawing and pulling from the Firefly 2+ is designed to last for more than 10 seconds, it leaves enough time for the vapor droplets to latch on to the inner layers of your lungs where it can easily be absorbed to the bloodstreams and sent straight to your brain.

We feel that a lot of thought has been put into designing the Firefly 2+. All factors involving the consumption of herbs and concentrates have been considered making the Firefly 2+ one of the best 2-in-1 portable vaporizer we’ve tried to date.

Advanced vaporization

While many of today’s portable vaporizers sport app-enabled customization features only the Firefly 2+s that you’re up to date by automatically upgrading your device’s firmware.

The app features a slew of customization features you’re sure to love. Firefly takes into consideration and prioritizes user experience, which is why their app is one of the easiest and most user-friendly mobile companions we’ve tried so far. The wide temperature range is centered on the idea of complete vaporization. It’s integrated with Firefly 2+’s dynamic convection heating style that does not focus on one heating temperature but over a wide range of profiles that allow you to enjoy more of what your material has to offer.

The Firefly 2+ harnesses the potential of your materials and extracts it for truly satisfying and potent rips. It pays to know how herbs and concentrates react to different heat levels. The temperature ranges the Firefly 2+ offers is aimed at bringing out the most important active ingredients found on your materials. With this technology, the Firefly 2+ lets you taste and feel the benefits of your select strains in a single hit. Whether you’re a casual and a recreational user or a medical consumer, you’re sure to enjoy the entourage effect full spectrum materials are known for.

How good is the Firefly 2+?

In our own humble opinion, the Firefly 2+ is beyond exceptional. The experience of using the Firefly 2+ may take a little getting used to but it definitely pays off.

Knowing the process of vaporization and the materials used in vaping down to its core really helps, and it’s obvious the folks at Firefly’s research and development team took their time in studying these in order to come up with such a remarkable device. Firefly’s recipe for success involves the right know-how and access to some of the best raw materials the industry can offer.

It seems that the Firefly 2+ really deserves all the hype it gets, if you’re interested to try the Firefly 2+ for yourself, head on to vapeactive.com.



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