//Getting Started: 5 Tips for New Vapers

Getting Started: 5 Tips for New Vapers

Vaping has now become not only accepted, it is popular and vape stores are in every neighborhood.  It seems incongruous that once upon a time people looked at the signs and asked, “What’s a vape?”  With its boom in popularity, naturally there have been innovations of newer and better e-liquids and equipment for the user.

While enjoying a vape, it’s also important to monitor your E-liquid closely and keep the nicotine fluid away from children and pets as nicotine is dangerous. One should remember that in liquid form, it could seep through your skin if spilled.

The following are a few additional tips for those new to vaping and for others who consider themselves experienced enough that they may get a little lax in their hygiene and vape applications.

1. Keep Your Battery Charged

Properly charging your battery allows you to get the most out of it and extends its life. Leave it to fully charge before unplugging it from the power source.

2. Clean Your Battery and Tank

See that space between the cartridge and your battery? It gets really dirty, really fast. To clean it, you could use a paper towel, Q-tip or cotton swab. Clean it and remove caked-on residue with a toothpick. Avoid soap and cleansers because they affect performance of vaporizers. Cleaning your tank is also a good thing and replacing your coils every 5 days maintain the good performance of the system. How often should you clean? ideally, once a week at the very least. The same goes for the tank, although this requires more skill.

3. Draw Style

Experienced vapers have their own style of drawing. The best experience comes from slow, steady draws, not quick and shallow. The longer puffs are inhaled, the faster your battery drains. It’s up to you.

It’s good to understand that each vaporizer has its own quirks. When you understand your vaporizer better, you will know how to take draws to get the desired vapor.

4. Use Quality E-liquids

As much as it’s appealing to everyone to save money on e-juice, the cheap e-liquids might totally destroy the experience and you never want to try them again. It’s also important to buy e-liquids made in the USA from a reputable vendor that provides test results of their liquids. You want to stick with the high quality stuff. Just like your car, if you put cheap gas in the tank, it’s not going to perform well. Unfortunately, this is a common peeve of newbies who don’t know good from bad e-juices. Chinese e-liquid is the worst! It has been the subject of various health issues and debates. Stick with quality American made e-liquids like the ProVape E-liquid.

5. Avoid Mixing E-liquids

While not saying DON’T mix e-liquids, understand the DIY approach often doesn’t go as planned. Your e-liquid can end up tasting horrible and leave a disgusting after taste. Also, it can be dangerous with mistakes. Mixing e-liquids can often result in very high nicotine content and this can be poisonous. DIY is also messy. Stick with a quality American made e-liquid and spend the extra time enjoying your vape rather than mixing.

Before randomly trying to mix liquids, do your research and make sure you have safety equipment before you start mixing if you choose to make your own.

FYI: Keep e-liquids safely locked away from children and pets. They will see you using it and the curiosity of children could cause a tragedy if you have not taken responsible adult precautions. The toxic effect of just a teaspoon will kill a child and the toxins can also enter their skin. Keep e-liquids away from them and always treat with proper care.

Be safe and vape on!

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