The Magic-Flight Launch Box ( MFLB ) is a small, fast, portable vaporizer that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The Launch Box is extremely easy to operate while providing nearly instant heat-up and cool down so you can load, use, and reload without having to wait. Put it in your pocket and go this vaporizer will always provide a good safe vaporization experience!



Magic Flight Launch Box Features:

  • Portable: Preload and use while outdoors; No cords or plugs.
  • Compact: only 2.5 by 1.25 by 0.9 inches in size!
  • Friendly: The Box uses AA rechargeable batteries (no lighters/butane)
  • Ultra-Quick: from loaded to vaping in less than 10 seconds!
  • Reliable: Engineered to rely only on dependable physical science (no electronics).
  • Robust: Simple durable construction; even suitable for your pants pocket!
  • Elegant: Handcrafted renewable woods add an artistic element for your pleasure.
  • Responsive: convenient and easy to use; you can see and sense everything.
  • Safe: no combustion by-products and little to no odor; no glass to break.
  • Stealthy: Can be hidden in the palm of your hand; very hard to detect when used.
  • Effective: a vaping experience which is immediate and intimate, it gets the job done!
  • Inexpensive: Exclusively designed and made in the USA, yet priced under $100.

Magic Flight Launch Box Specs:

* Type: Conduction and Infra-Red
* Heat source: AA battery (Nickel Metal Hydride, or NiMH; 2000mAh or greater)
* Made in: California, USA
* Warranty: Lifetime
* Additional features: Includes velvet pouch, two batteries, battery storage case, battery charger, two battery protector caps, cleaning brush, elastic travel bands, optional acryclic draw stem, instructions, brochure, and a lifetime functional warranty.
* Nicknames: LB, MFLB, the Box

How To Use The Magic Flight Launch Box

While the unit comes with attachments (and the LB is said to accept the Purple Days stem as well) most users prefer to use the device native (i.e. no attachment).

1. Charge the AA NiMH battery (batteries and charger included).
2. Fill the trench with dry, ground material (the drier the herb and the finer the grind the better) but don’t tamp it down.
3. Push the battery all of the way in and begin drawing fairly slowly after about 3 seconds.
4. Draw on the Box for 10 to 20 seconds and then remove the battery. Don’t forget this. Ever. You will ruin the trenchful of herb and cross over from vaporizing to smoking. (Note: new models come equipped with a push-back ring for the battery, so that the battery will lose contact when pressure is released. This ring can be removed if so desired.)
5. Shake the Box or stir the trench between hits.
6. Connoisseurs always use a fresh battery. However, if you want to squeeze more juice out of a weakened battery (i.e. any battery that has been used once, per Magic-flight) and feel like a smaller trench anyway, you can safely under-fill the trench as well.

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