//My Favourite Dry Herb Vaporizers

My Favourite Dry Herb Vaporizers

cannabis vaporizer I have ever used. Its entire body is made from a single sheet of ionized aluminium and has a matte finish. This is a massive improvement from the reflective body of the Pax 2, which was liable to be covered with fingerprints.

However, the Pax 3 is more than just a pretty face everything about my vaping experience with this vape screams high performance and quality engineering.

3 things I loved:

  • Intuitive – The Pax 3 is incredibly easy to use. Despite its plethora of options and extras, it can be fully controlled with ease with the single button that doubles as a mouthpiece. Also, because its powerful conduction oven produces vapour from your herbs so quickly it has a very gentle learning curve. It really is idiot proof.
  • The App – I had assumed an app would be superfluous but I’m happy to admit I was wrong; it greatly enhances your vaping experience with the Pax 3. Not only does it give you the ability to fine tune your perfect temperature, but it also enables you to choose from one of 4 vaping styles too. You can decide whether to vape with boost, stealth, efficiency or enhanced flavour. The app gave me more control over my cannabis than any other vape I’ve used in the past.
  • The Power – The Pax 3’s petite frame is deceiving. Inside the body, the engineers have managed to squeeze in a massive 3500mah battery. This is almost double the power of the Pax 2 and it shows. It now reaches the full temperature in just 20 seconds and provides enough juice for 10 full sessions.

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