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For those who need a stealthier vape for waxy oils comes one of the slimmest, most compact vape pens yet, the R2 Slim Vaporizer. #ThisThingRips has a penchant for pocket-friendly vapes that pack a punch. With the R2 Slim vape pen, they’ve delivered once more. The R2 Slim vaporizer features a ceramic rod atomizer, rare for slim vape pens, that heats wax concentrates slowly at a gradual temperature increase that minimizes combustion for smooth, tasty rips. In a world of compact vape pens, the R2 Slim by #ThisThingRips is the most compact. You can hide this vaporizer pen in your hand while you vape, and it won’t weigh heavy in your pant pocket while you carry it around. Simple operation, a sleek look, and excellent vapor production make the R2 Slim the ultimate wax pen for vaping on your feet.

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