//Reviewed: Tronian Pitron

Reviewed: Tronian Pitron

Reviewed: Tronian Pitron

With the rise of e-cigarettes, vaping has grown in popularity throughout the years since 2007. There has been a lot of competition in the vaping world with many companies trying to make a name for themselves, such as Tronian. They’ve introduced a number of affordable products to the market, one of them being the Tronian Pitron. This simple, yet elegant device has caused a lot of chatter among the vaping community. The Tronian Pitron is certainly a new and exciting product that caught our eye. With that being said, we’re here to give the whole rundown about the Tronian Pitron to our VaporWise readers.

Tronian Pitron Reviewed

How does it work?

The Tronian Pitron is designed to be compatible with any 510 threaded cartridges. Like most of Tronian’s products, the Pitron is charged with micro-USB cable that goes into the micro-USB port on the bottom of the Pitron battery. The other end is then plugged into a wall adapter or computer. Even the micro-USB cables that are lying around the house can be used to charge the Tronian Pitron . The USB port has an LED indicator that lights up when the battery is activated. That means that the device is powering the heating element and vapor is being produced. Heating time is instant, making this product time saving and very reliable.

The Tronian Pitron comes with a 350 mAh 510 battery and the maximum battery output is 4.2 V. The battery so powerful, that it allows the user to make hundreds of draws on a single charge. The product’s maximum draw duration is 10 seconds. The Pitron can fit any 510 threaded cartridges, but for best fit, a cartridge the size of 10.5 mm in diameter is recommended.

A very cool feature is that this product is entirely draw-activated with no need to activate it with a press of a button. Although this is nothing new for oil vapes, in today’s world where everything needs to be simplified, this is a very neat and amazing feature. This vape pen uses cartridges that support draw activation. Luckily, most of the cartridges on the market are. These cartridges have a small opening on the bottom of the thread. The oil threaded cartridge is easily attachable, just by screwing it directly into the threads of the Pitron.

Customers can get the best vaping experiences with this device using the Tronian Tronpod . It’s made up of a mouthpiece, vapor path, glass tank and 510 threaded base. The Tronpod performs the best when it’s used with a compatible battery. In other cases, the 510 threaded battery/power supply should have a voltage range between 3.0 V and 4.2 V. It’s very easy to use. After the cartridge is filled it should be sealed right away. After that, the core is left to wick. For high-viscosity formulations the core should wick for 24 hours and for low-viscosity formulations up to an hour.

The Tronian Tronpod is particularly designed to wick and vaporize a wide span of oils. One of the components that make the wicking perfect is the cotton wrapped ceramic atomizer. It pulls the oils more effectively to the heating element. This way the vapor is moister and juicy, rather than giving the uncomfortable feel of cottonmouth.

Manufacturing quality- Does it live up to the company’s standards?

The Pitron’s design is very simple and cylindrical, nothing that hasn’t been seen before. This contributes to the main focus being the functionality on the vape pen rather than it’s exterior view. Customers are very satisfied with the smooth and full draws, rich flavors and of course the satisfying full clouds that are produced. Based on the products’ reviews, it has an average score of 4.3 for quality. The fact that the Tronian Pitron is very affordable and easy to use, makes it an eye-catching essential to an experienced vapor and an аlluring novelty to the beginner.

Power Flexibility-Does the Tronian Pitron offer versatility?

In some aspects, it does. The Tronian Pitron is very versatile when it comes to 510 cartridges. It’s compatible with many of them that currently exist. This is one of the many reasons customers love this particular product. While scrolling through reviews this happened to be just one of the many things that the Pitron was praised for.

In other aspects, such as temperature and voltage, it doesn’t. Unlike Tronian’s other product, the Tronian Nutron, this particular product doesn’t have changeable settings.

Despite the device’s low versatility, it’s designed and manufactured to handle various viscosities of oils, it fits almost any 510 cartridges. This is due to the 350 mAh battery that powers the Pitron, which can only be described as a true workhorse. The duration of the battery life is something that users are often impressed by and frequently state it in their online reviews.

Is the Tronian Pitron user friendly?

Everything about this device screams user friendly. With just one single draw, the user gets to taste very well vaporized oils. There’s no need for a button or really any hassle when it comes to this particular vape pen. Setting aside its simplicity, that’s actually the beauty of the product. It gives users a fully enjoyable experience while keeping it casual. It’s the perfect addition to everyday life.

Other than the Pitron being user friendly, it’s environmentally friendly. The device is actually recyclable including the lithium ion-based battery. By recycling and disposing properly of the device once it wears out, it prevents harm ad any environmental damage.

Is it a convenient device?

Unlike the other bigger vaping products available, this is where the Tronian Pitron has bigger advantages. Due to its size, only 3 inches long, it makes it perfect for portability. It can fit pretty much anywhere and it’s perfect to be used on the go. Weighing only 1.7 oz, the product is as light as a feather and it almost feels like nothing in the palm of the hand.

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