//The Arizer Air Vaporizer Review – Robust and Powerful

The Arizer Air Vaporizer Review – Robust and Powerful

arizer solo vaporizer reviewThe Arizer Air Portable vaporizer was designed by Arizer, a premium Canadian firm that has built a reputation as one of the best companies in the industry. Arizer has been in the industry for 10 years and their first portable, the Solo, has become a customer favorite. If you sort by popularity on this portable vaporizer list, you can see the Arizer Air at the top.

The Air was designed with the aim to deliver the power and capability of the Arizer Solo, but in a smaller, slimmer and more portable form. Many consider the Air to be the Solo’s baby brother, but this little unit has plenty of tricks up its sleeves. So let’s go over the Arizer Air Vaporizer.

Vapor Quality

When it comes to a vaporizer, the actual quality of the vapor is perhaps the most important factor, and with the Air, the vapor quality is superb. Gizmodo’s Arizer Air review went as far as calling the vapor “fresh”. Not only does it vaporize well using a hybrid of conduction and convection heating, but it’s an efficient vaporizer that will stretch your herbs far longer than smoking will. It’s glass vapor pathway/ mouthpiece also ensures very pure taste.

The unit allows for a wide range of temperature flexibility with five separate temperature settings, set at 180 Celsius, 190 Celsius, 200 Celsius, 205 Celsius, and 210 Celsius. Five temperature settings isn’t the highest number on the market, but it does make it easy to adjust temperatures and to produce great vapor.

Whether you’re looking for thin and light vapor, or thick and hefty vapor, you’ll be able to get the vapor you want out of this unit. For a portable unit, this flexibility is greatly appreciated and we can safely say that the Air definitely has some of the best vapor we’ve tried, in both flavor and consistency.

Build Quality

Arizer has established a reputation for putting together high-quality, well-built vaporizers made in Canada. The Air lives up to Airzer’s hefty reputation and legacy, being a well -constructed unit. The Air has a simple elegance to it. Form wise, the unit is a simple cylinder with a nice, smooth exterior. OhGizmo puts the Arizer Air into the premium category, despite it being priced around the mid-range.

The unit feels good in the hand, and is well-machined. The Air is also pretty easy to load considering you just fill the end of the mouthpiece and insert that into the heating chamber. Furthermore we’ve noted that it’s also a reliable unit and should last for a long time and provide a consistent performance, even after months of consistent use. Some vaporizers suffer from degrading performance over the years, however, the Air has great longevity and a 2 year warranty to boot!

No, the Air is not the prettiest or most portable vaporizer on the market, but it’ll never look shabby due to its metal shell, and its understated presence will be appreciated by many.

Ease of Use

The Air is relatively easy to use with its one button design. This simple one-button design still gives you control over the temperature, and allows for easy on and off control. Despite the single button, there are several temperature settings, and setting the temperatures is quite easy and straight forward. There are also many tutorial videos online

The Air is also very easy to clean. Some vaporizers can be rather difficult to clean, load, and otherwise use. For the Air, upkeep, cleaning, loading, and everything else is all quite straight forward. If the Air is going to be your everyday vaporizer, it’ll be easy to keep clean and performing at the highest standards.

Portability & Discreteness

The Air is a relatively portable and discrete unit, especially given its premium power & compared to the Solo. The unit is small and light in the hand, and features a small stem. The unit is also well sealed and doesn’t leak any vapor, except from the mouthpiece when drawing. The unit is small enough to fit in your hand, and the stem and black tip don’t draw too much attention.

That being said, the Air isn’t the smallest or most discrete unit on the market, and some may find it a bit large for discrete, on the go smoking sessions. Smaller units such as wax pens, however, will struggle to provide as good of a vaporizing experience.

Battery-wise, the unit isn’t the best portable on the market, however, the battery can last up to an hour, allowing for a long vaporizing session. Better yet, the battery can easily be swapped out, and you can even use the unit while it is being charged!

Either way, the Air packs enough power that most people should have enough juice to get through the day. If you’re running low on battery power, you can easily swap out the battery for a new one.

Air Vs. Solo

The Air is often compared to the larger Solo. More or less, the Air is a smaller version of the Solo. The Solo is an older model, and many consider it and especially its form factor to be a bit outdated. The units are comparable, and both feature top-notch build quality and a great vaporizing experience.

The Air is more expensive than the Solo, owing to its newer design and parts. Still, the units are comparable in price and features. The Solo offers a few more temperature settings, but in exchange for the additional customization, you have to deal with a less travel friendly design.


So what are the drawbacks you wonder that may make you want to consider another vaporizer you wonder?!

The Air uses propriety chargers, so if you lose the plug or want an extra one, you’ll have to shell out some money for a new charger. As already mentioned, the battery life isn’t the greatest, but it is decent enough for a few sessions.

The Air has a pretty high draw resistance, and at times you may have to lift the tip to draw in vapor more effectively. Also, the vapor from the air can occasionally feel a bit scratchy. This problem is common for portable vaporizers, so that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Looks wise, the Air won’t turn heads with its simple, straight-forward design. For some, its lightness might even feel cheap, but it is a well-constructed unit.

Final Notes

The Arizer Air is a great portable vaporizer. The unit isn’t the newest unit on the market, but it has been upgraded over the years. The Air is a reasonably priced unit, especially when you consider the quality of the unit.

Most importantly, the Air provides a great vaporizing experience, especially for a portable unit. Add in the ease of maintenance and cleaning, along with its longevity, and the Air is a great, well-rounded portable vaporizer.  The biggest drawback is probably the glass stems which can break.

For most people, the Air will make more sense than the Solo. Either unit is great, and when choosing Arizer, you can’t go wrong. Their products definitely belong on your shortlist of potential vaporizing units. We can confidently recommended the Arizer Air vaporizer if you’re looking to buy or if your looking learn more about vaporizing we recommend this comprehensive vaporizer buyers guide!

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