//Utillian 2 Wax Pen: An Effective & Affordable Wax Pen

Utillian 2 Wax Pen: An Effective & Affordable Wax Pen

Utillian 2Utillian 2 Review

Can a small-sized vaporizer punch above its weight on the performance meter? Of course! And the Utillian 2 is sufficient proof.

Utillian’s reputation isn’t lost on the Utillian 2. The pen-like vaporizer isn’t just portable, but it delivers on the convenience front as well.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the Utillian 2 scorecard for all you Thomases. Vape on!

Utillian 2 At A Glance

  • Black finish
  • 4 Voltage options (3.0V, 3.4V, 3.8V, 4.2V)
  • Glass mouthpiece with magnetic attributes
  • 650mAh battery capacity
  • Dual quartz coils and ceramic donut
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In the ‘looks’ department, the Utillian 2 tends to operate in the small area between low profile and straight-up loud. Its black finish might tilt towards the former, but the long slender build of the vaporizer tend to suggest that it’s not so easily concealable.

Yes, they all claim it’s portable, but is it? Well, it’s longer than the Utillian 620, but should fit just fine into your pocket. The Utillian 2 can be discreet; if that’s something you want in a vaporizer, you will get it with this one.

Who wouldn’t want a concealable vaporizer? We are up for such, and the Utillian 2 is the one. It doesn’t weigh a ton – at least that counts for something. Add its pocket-friendly build, and you have a truly compact vaporizer.

Utillian continues to apply the same hand with its magnetic glass mouthpiece, and we can’t fault them. No one changes a winning strategy, and the borosilicate mouthpiece is a spectacular one. You don’t have to worry about the glass cracking as it’s quite tough. There’s also the quality advantage to consider.

With its ‘one button does all’ which is visible on the skinny body, it should be convenient, but we can’t entirely stick our necks out on that one. There’s a lot of ambiguity that comes with pressing one button to change volts – it’s not cool. Overplay it, and you have a toast extract, which is never pleasant.

Temperature FlexibilityTemperature Control

The Utillian 2 operates using distinct preset voltage options. Its four voltage selections are geared at delivering a feel of the spicy offering that comes with variety. You can enjoy the flavors which the lower voltage options tend to provide or the ‘suck on it’ feel provided by the higher variants.

We like the LED indicator at the terminal point of the vaporizer. It keeps you informed on the voltage setting.

While the four preset voltages (3.0V, 3.4V, 3.8V, 4.2V) might not appear to have a lot of gap between them, you have to remember that these are not temperature measurements that tend to vary widely. A minute difference in volt could make all the difference between a flavored vape and its cloudy counterpart.

Each voltage has a unique color indication, so you don’t opt for a selection you don’t want. Due to the one-button does all setup, this color coding of the voltage selection is truly helpful – less guessing and more precision.

Heating System

A vaporizer is only as good as its vapor, and that’s mostly handicapped without the right heating. The Utillian 2 depends on two things to deliver the goods: dual quartz coils and the ceramic donut. While the latter acts like a pot, the former transforms all that voltages into heat.

The ceramic donut is renowned for its quality flavor output, so those low voltages will be put to good use. Ceramic’s neutral stance ensures your wax isn’t altered at all. There’s no release of substances into the wax, which could disrupt the vapor quality.

The dual quartz coils are remarkable at distributing heat to every ounce of the wax. And they get up to speed in the heating department real quick – a crucial requirement for on-the-go vaping.

Due to the nature of the atomizer, cleaning shouldn’t be a chore. The ceramic donut – set like a bowl – is just as easy to clean. Since the ‘bowl’ is made from ceramics, it could be just like cleaning your chinaware plate – effortless.

The use of the ceramic bowl in this vape pen reinforces the durability of the unit. Regardless of how often you use the vaporizer, it won’t breakdown. However, like chinaware, it could get broken if you drop the vape pen, so you might want to apply some caution when handling the unit.

The underbelly of the Utillian 2’s heating system is the slow heating time of the wax. It doesn’t go from zero – hundred in a jiffy; ceramics frustrates that effort. But this supposedly negative attribute ensures the quality of the vapor produced is excellent.

Vapor QualityVapor Quality

The Utillian 2 might not be the biggest vaporizer out there, but its vapor quality is impressive. And behind this excellent quality are a few properties.

The use of the glass mouthpiece is Utillian’s magic wand, and the brand waves it in our faces as usual here. Glass tends to maintain a neutral stance, so it doesn’t interfere with the vapor quality unlike other types of mouthpiece.

Its ceramic donut is another attribute that explains the remarkable vapor quality of this vape pen. Like glass, ceramics appears to mind its business, resulting in the exceptional quality that’s obtainable with the Utillian 2.

While it’s smelling all roses(or flavored) with this vaporizer, it’s worth emphasizing that cranking that voltage higher will see a drop in vapor quality and a corresponding increase in cloud production – everyone should know this by now.

Battery Life

Battery Life

The Utillian 2 is equipped with a 650mAh battery to transform your wax into the flavor-filled vapor you desire.

You can’t go vaping all day on this battery. While you’d expect at least a 24-hour service from the vape pen, that will only happen if you do a few vaping sessions in a day.

Compared to other units, this Utillian 2’s battery isn’t quite lackluster. But you can’t possibly complain as it’s relatively affordable compared to similar models.

You can quickly charge the vaporizer through its provided port. And it doesn’t take long – about an hour should suffice for a full charge.

Build Quality

The Utillian 2 has a glass mouthpiece, which is of the borosilicate kind. Vapor quality gets a boost due to its glassy orifice. There’s also the reinforcement of durability provided by the sort of Glass used – it doesn’t crack despite the heat applied. Its magnetic construct removes the messy vaping that’s commonplace in vape pens.

The duo of ceramic donut and dual quartz form the heating chamber of this vaporizer. Your wax gets heated within the ceramic donut. With ceramic’s low heat conductivity, you shouldn’t expect to get the vapor as soon as you mutter Jack Robinson, but it’s worth the wait as the quality makes up for the delay.

With the dual quartz coils, effective heating of your wax is possible. And the heat is evenly spread across every ounce of wax in the chamber. The rods don’t tamper with the quality of the vapor produced.

If there’s one thing that vapers hate the most is a vaporizer that’s difficult to clean. Fortunately, Utillian 2 doesn’t have that problem. The ceramic donut can be detached with ease; its cleaning is similar to washing your chinaware.

The 0.2 grams capacity of this vaporizer’s heating chamber might not go down well with experienced vapers, but it’s a portable vape pen for mobile vaping, so there shouldn’t be an expectation of more.

If you’d rather get more vaping sessions out of your vaporizer, the Utillian 2 is not the unit you’re looking for.

The 4 preset voltage options are a decent addition in a vaporizer within its price range. The pleasure of going from cloud production down to quality vapor, depending on your mood, is something every vaper wants from their vape pens.

Like you might have discovered, we are not a big fan of the ‘one-button-does-all’ approach. Yes, it’s a common feature in vape pens, but the Utillian 2 could have done better. Pushing one button several times to turn on the vaporizer sounds like a chore.

This vaporizer has a carrying case, so you can take all your vaping accessories whenever you have to be on the move. That’s goodbye to forgetting any specific item behind.

Utillian 2 Review

Ease of Use

There’s not a lot of intricacies associated with Utillian 2, but many vape pens are relatively easy to use. But the one-button approach isn’t something we are enthusiastic about. Repeatedly pressing one button to change voltages can be frustrating, but the color-coding of each of the preset options makes it less unpleasant to deal with.

Taping the button five times gets the vaporizer to turn on, and the heating commences when you press and hold the button (see why we don’t like this one-button setup now?).

Away from the malady of the button, the ceramics donut is another feature that makes the Utillian 2 easy to use. Though it might be set like a bow, it’s not as deep, so dropping the wax in the chamber shouldn’t take a lot of effort.

While vape pens have it so bad in cleaning, this one doesn’t. As reiterated earlier, the use of a ceramic donut says a lot about the minimum effort required to keep the atomizer clean.

You can easily detach the atomizer and the mouthpiece for a seamless cleaning session. With wax vapes, you will be doing a lot of cleaning as they get messy real quick, so beware.

Why Utillian 2

Utillian 2 Wax Pen ReviewFew brands can match the popularity which Utillian currently enjoys in the industry, and the brand continues to churn out vaporizers that cater to every vaper. Whether it’s the cost you are looking at cutting or something portable, Utillian tends to have something that fits your demands.

The Utillian 2 has the hallmark of Utilian quality. Its black finishing might not get the vaporizer another stare, but its vapor quality is highly commendable. Being compact and lightweight, this vape pen is certainly a desirable choice for vaping without stress.

You can’t possibly ignore the magnetic setup, which makes it easy to detach and assemble. Cleaning is a breeze, unlike many vape pens.

The one year warranty offered by Utillian should provide all the confidence to snatch this vaporizer of the shelf.

Ideal User of the Utillian 2

If you are a big fan of vaping on-the-go, the Utillian 2 would certainly be up your alley. Its 0.2grams wax hold suggests the vape pen could be an ideal fit for anyone just starting their journey into the vaping world. But it comes with a warning: heavy users stay clear!

Due to the compact shape of the vaporizer, it’s bound to be a favorite for anyone looking for a convenient and lightweight unit.

Its magnetic attachment setup should endear it to everyone as it curbs the mess of vaping. Add that it’s easy to clean, and anyone into wax vaping would be looking to cop a feel.

Final Thoughts

For such a small vaporizer, Utillian 2 is quite impressive. From its portability and heat efficiency to convenience, this vape pen has a lot going for it. Typical of many vaporizers, it has its share of drawbacks – battery capacity, chamber capacity and the annoying one-button operation – but the unit stands tall among its peers.

For such an affordable vape pen, packed with distinct features which make the unit perfect for vaping on the go, the Utillian 2 can’t possibly be ignored.

Anyone looking for a portable and dependable vaporizer would do well to consider this vape pen.

Valuable Tips to Enjoy Your Utillian 2

If you are going to settle for the Utillian 2, here are some actionable steps to get the most out of the vaporizer:

  • Push the button a few times to get the dual coils ready for some action
  • Avoid taking a hit without heating up the wax. This helps improve the vapor quality.
  • You shouldn’t fill up the chamber with the load. While the ceramic donut is easy to clean, don’t stretch it by overloading the unit. It’ll only make a mess of everything.

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