//Utilian 421 Vaporizer

Utilian 421 Vaporizer

The Utillian 421 is a budget-friendly vaporizer and has many features & improvements when compared to its predecessor – the Utillian 420. It comes with new user-friendly features such as a longer-lasting and bigger battery, airflow control and 2 more temperature settings in addition to the previous four from Utillian 420. 

Utillian 421 Main Features

The Utilian 421 has unique features that make it more user friendly and stand apart from other vaporizers. For one, it has 6 temperature settings ranging from 1800 c – 2300c. The unit has the ability to conduct heat which means it will serve you for long after it heats up –plus its ease to operate as it has 1 button only. It’s glass mouthpiece which also very unique and similar to that of the 420. Its ability to control airflow and the fact that this vaporizer is budget-friendly makes it top choice for anyone searching for a reliable and quality vaporizer. The digital display is easy to understand and now shows the current temperature so users can tell when their vapor will be ready to use and how much battery life is left. The Utillian 421 is a perfect match for beginners. It also comes in four different colours (4) – Black, Silver, Gun Metal, and Titanium.



Utillian 421 Ease of Use

It’s designed with one-button which controls the unit making it very easy to use. A combination of a longer-lasting battery and a digital display gives 421 users a better experience than the previous version. The digital display helps users see when their vapour will be ready. The battery can last up to one hour.

Cleaning Utillian 421

To ensure that you get a pleasant vapour experience with this unit clean it regularly after every use. In order to thoroughly clean it, use Zeus grime stick and Zeus bristle pipe cleaners together with freshwater and paper towels. Swab the alcohol in the heating chamber until there are no particles left. You can separate the mouthpiece  into three and soak in Zeus diluted solution

Utillian 421 Specs

According to its specs, the battery has 2300Hah and has a life of 60 minutes giving you ample time to continuously enjoy your herbs when away from power. This is because it’s made of anodized aluminum shell, ceramic heating chamber and glass mouthpiece which help in heat conduction. The unit heats in 60 seconds meaning that it is almost instant and heats in conduction style. It has six temperature settings the lowest being 1800c and the highest being 2300c. This unit is only compatible with herbs.

On performance specs, this unit perfectly portable with a high rating compared to other vaporizers. Though vapour quality might be the same as that of 420, the amount of vapour let out is an outstanding difference between the two because 421 has a new airflow valve. The one-button regulator for both temperature and whether turning on or off makes 421 more unique and easy to use. Other performance specs include flexible temperatures, longer battery life, and better manufacturing quality.

Utillian 421 Accessories   


Utillian 421 box includes the device, a tool for packing the herbs ensuring there are no spillovers since herbs are precious and expensive. In addition, there are extra screens, mouthpiece heat shield which ensures that the glass mouthpiece does not get overheated and a USB charging cable to ensure that you keep your 421 unit always charged. This unit comes with a 1-year warranty guaranteeing quality.

Difference between Utillian 420 and Utillian 421

The main difference between the two Utillians is that the 421 has 6 temperature levels while the 420 has 4 level-this is an upgrade which makes 421 to perform better. The airflow valve in 421 is modernized such that it controls the amount of vapour that is let out –a feature that 420 didn’t have. Also, the battery size is larger and lasts longer than that of 420, the 421 provides the same vapour quality, taste is almost the same as the 420.

Why Utillian 421?

  • It has a longer-lasting battery life serving you for long hours.
  • Clear digital display that is easy to read and understand
  • The new airflow valve makes it easy to limit what is let out and at what intervals.
  • Glass mouthpiece ensures that the vapour rips  that are rich in flavor are maintained
  • Easy to clean and maintain because it has a ceramic chamber which also aides in even heating of the herbs for vapour production.
  • 6 pre-set temperature settings that offer flexibility to both newbies and experienced users.
  • Affordable price for great value
  • Utillian 421 has a 1-year warranty

Wrap Up

Though Utillian 421 has many advantages compared to Utillian 420, it also has some limitations as it can only use dry herbs and the many temperature levels controlled by one button may look cumbersome to experienced users unlike to new vaporizer users.

If you are an upcoming vaporizer user or you want try a new and cool vaporizer, look no further! Utillian 421 is for you it has discreet features that you will enjoy for sure. Given its use the price tag is unmatched due to its price tag and features and ideal for any user.



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