Utillian 620 Review


If you prefer a low-profile vaporizer, the Utillian 620 doesn’t disappoint. It is not heavy and can be held in one hand, conveniently.

The 620 is small enough to fit into your pocket without being obvious. It’s so portable that you can carry it and not feel a thing!

Yes, it has a glass mouthpiece, but it’s the borosilicate type, so there’s a reduced chance of it cracking. And its minuscule extension shouldn’t put the mouthpiece in harm way.

You’d find its rich black luxurious color quite pleasant. It complements the overall functionality. The casing of the 620 is anodized aluminum, which improves its general appearance reinforced by its metallic finish.

Visible on the vaporizer is a digital display for the temperature modulation of the cooking process. The display also helps you to keep track of the battery level, so you’re aware of when you need to plug it in for a charge.

The aesthetics of the Utillian 620 is a tale of being reserved but efficient. Few vaporizers are in its class.

Temperature Control

If you have ever experienced dry hits, then you know how awful they can be. Fortunately, the Utillian 620 has a design that will minimize such undesired occurrences.

Its wide temperature range (320°F – 428°F) ensures dry hits are a thing of the past. It’s also a convenient feature as you get to choose your preferred heating temperature just by punching digits on the display panel.

With the broad  and precise temperature range, you can enjoy a balanced vapor with all the goodness offered by the peak and troughs of this variable heat setup.

While auto-shutdown timers can be a pain in the backside, the 620 features one that can be adjusted to several minutes ranging from 4 – 8 minutes.

It’s worth mentioning that by default, this unit comes with an auto-shutdown timer set to around 4 minutes.

Heating system

To bring about the necessary heating, the Utillian 620 has its heating chamber wholly of aluminum. Due to the nature of the metal used, heating occurs faster and quite efficient.

To ensure a truly effective setup, the vaporizer depends on a stainless steel heating element, which is quite durable.

Utillian went for the jugular with this one as it adds the highly regarded helix convection to the 620.

This improves the quality of vapor as the herbs are thoroughly cooked due to the extended air path. More heated air tends to circulate the helix increasing the range of contact with the herbs.

Worried about how you’d clean all that debris? Don’t be! The convection helix can be detached easily so you can use the provided chamber cleaning brush.

Battery Life

With its 2300mah battery, the Utillian 620 gets your herbs converted into vapor in record time. The battery can’t be easily removed from the vaporizer, so don’t go trying.

As proof of its suitability for micro-dosing, the 620’s battery would only last for an hour. It’s nothing to be sniffed at, but it wouldn’t serve anyone looking to vape for longer durations.

The battery capacity might not look the part, but it’s still better than many in its price range.

Charging the unit doesn’t take a long time, and this is possible using the regular Micro-USB cable.

Build Quality

The mouthpiece of the 620 is borosilicate glass with a magnetic surround. This makes it easy to load up your herb within the heating chamber. Its use of borosilicate glass means you don’t have to worry about the glass cracking, regardless of the temperature you enter into the display.

The helix convection is a worthwhile addition to the 620. It could be a game-changing technology as everyone wants quality vapor, which is only possible through well-cooked herbs.

I like the fact that the helix can be easily removed, so cleaning shouldn’t always be a tough chore. The magnetic stirrer attached to the underside of the vaporizer makes it possible to detach the helix convection.

About the magnetic stirrer, this feature makes it easy to stir your herbs within the bowl of the vaporizer. This is helpful in the thorough cooking of the herbs. Think efficient heat transfer.

One of the issues with this vaporizer would be its clunky buttons. Entering numbers by pushing the side button for the temperature control setup might take some getting used to.

Heating chamber size

This is a portable vaporizer, so the 0.1 – 0.2-gram chamber capacity isn’t exactly a letdown. You can’t possibly expect it to support something as large as 1 gram.

The 620 is specifically for solo vaping and micro-dosing, so this capacity is fine.

If you’re looking for a vaporizer that offers a larger heating chamber, the 620 isn’t for you. It’s worth noting that with the increase in the size of the chamber, the portability of the unit is watered down.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is on par with some of the best. Due to the involvement of less reactive materials like aluminum and glass in the air path of the 620, its vapor quality isn’t adulterated, giving you the hit you desire every time.

The stainless steel heating element might suffice for the 620’s temperature requirement, but it falls short of what’s needed for exceptional cloud production. No knocks on this Utillian vaporizer’s cloud production, but it falls short of the ideal.

With the 620’s helix convection structure and its glassy mouthpiece, you get tiptop airflow, which gives you hits only obtainable with the best. Though the unit is compact, the air path has some level of freedom to it, ensuring the overall quality of the vapor is premium stuff.

For a well-cooked herb which, in turn, results in quality vapor, the stirrer on its underside can be used to mix things up. It might not leave a significant effect on the overall vapor quality, but it sure improves the hit delivered.

Ease of Use

Using the Utillian 620 is quite easy to use. You add your ground herbs into the heating chamber, enter your preferred temperature, and hit the power button.

My problem with the use of this vaporizer would be the need to tap the power button multiple times. Why not just once?

Temperature adjustment can be carried out using the directional buttons as the 620 is too compact for the luxury of numeral buttons. I’d have preferred such, then I remember that there are vaporizers with a single button.

Heating time is relatively quick with the 620. A brief 40 seconds is how long before the heating element gets into gear.

If anything, I like that it keeps you updated when your preferred temperature is met. But the use of vibration rather than a sound – a beep or something similar – would have been perfect. If the device isn’t in your hands at the moment, a vibration wouldn’t get your attention.

How does the Utillian 620 Compare with previous releases?

There are a lot of similarities between the Utillian 620 and models like the 420 and 720. One such similarity would be the helix convection which can be found on the 720. The setup was just modified to match the 620’s frame and functionality.

The 720 has the same glass mouthpiece with magnetic surround as 620. You can also observe the same aluminum casing with the 720, which is a component of the 620.

The major differences between both models would be the number of buttons, battery capacity, and the temperature range.

With the Utillian 720, you use just one button to exploit its vaporizing capacity. This isn’t the same with the Utillian 620, which is equipped with three buttons.

There’s also the battery prowess of the 720, which can take you through 90 minutes of vaping, albeit at the least possible setting. The 620 offers you just 60 minutes when used at the same settings.

Another area where the 720 appears to top the 620 is in its temperature range. It has 8 preset temperature options, so you have freedom in your choice of temperature. The 620 has a much smaller temperature range, but it’s still efficient at giving you the vapor quality you seek as it offers precise temperature control.

When compared to the 620, the 420 has fewer temperature settings and lacks the precise temperature setup of the 620, you don’t enjoy the liberty of more choices. Its four temperature options might be great, but it has nothing on the 620.

The 420 has the same glass mouthpiece as the 620. But it lacks the helix convection seen the 620.

Unlike the 420 which has a ceramic heating chamber, the 620 has an aluminum chamber. Both vaporizers have an anodized aluminum casing, so appearance is quite close.

Like the 720, the Utillian 420 is built to function using one button. While this doesn’t affect its overall performance, you’ll spend a long time getting acquainted with pressing the button in multiples to achieved varied functions. This inconvenience doesn’t feature on the 620. Its 3-button setup is a more efficient and time-saving arrangement.

Why Utillian 620?

The brand has gradually built a reputation for putting out vaporizers that are rugged enough to survive regular use without any drop in performance.

The 620 doesn’t fall far off that tree of quality. Its metallic casing ensures you don’t have to pamper it. It’s not just highly functional but aesthetically pleasing as well.

This vaporizer comes with a 1-year warranty offer, so you don’t have to worry about getting your money’s worth if a problem surfaces. Also, if any of the parts get damaged, replacing such is possible. The Utillian brand has parts for most of their vaporizers.

Ideal User of the Utillian 620?

Anyone that’s into vaporizers will find the 620 to be a convenient option. If you have several vaporizers already, you can always include the 620 in that list and be dazzled by its performance.

If you’re in the market for a portable vaporizer, the 620 could be the perfect match. Despite its compact size, its performance remains top-drawer stuff.

The 620 wouldn’t be an ideal fit for someone that intends to use the vaporizer over long durations. Its chamber has a capacity of between 0.1 – 0.2 grams, so you might want to keep that in mind. Utillian made this clear when they said it’s for micro-dosing.

Final Thoughts

The Utillian 620 is a remarkable vaporizer. It’s compact, efficient and delivers the goods without any hiccups.

Despite its perceived shortcomings – battery capacity, chamber capacity, and charger type – this unit still retains a spot among the best vaporizer s out there.

Considering it’s affordable, functions optimally and overly convenient, this vaporizer deserves another look, if you’re in need of a portable unit that’s completely reliable.

Valuable Tips to Maximize Your Use of the Utillian 620

Should you decide to opt for the Utillian 620, here are a few tips for ensuring optimal performance from the vaporizer every time:

You’ll need to ground the herbs, but you shouldn’t overdo it nor carry out a shoddy job. This can affect the vapor quality produced.

Don’t squeeze more herbs than it can hold. This affects the heating of the herbs and the airflow, resulting in the production of poor quality vapor.

Utilize the stirrer on the underside of the vaporizer to guarantee an even mix of the cook. Remember, your vapor quality is affected by the cooking process.

Use the brush provided to clean the heating chamber and the helix convention. You shouldn’t use water on the vaporizer to avoid damaging the unit.

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